A Brief History of Kart Racing

Go-kart and ATV racing (4 wheel "Quads" and 2 wheel "Dirt Bike" Motorcycles) has been a popular form of participatory entertainment in Europe, Asia and South America for over 20 years. At present, there are over 2,000 successful kart racing centers and ATV parks in operation worldwide. In the US, fueled by the recent popularity of NASCAR, kart racing and ATV entertainment complexes have opened in several major metropolitan markets. However, no such facilities have been established in Long Island, an area with approximately 8 million people. Help us save motorsports on Long Island!

Project Goal

Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park represents a tremendous opportunity to tap into the participatory motorsports market, one of the most exciting, fastest growing business trends in the world. Our goal is to be the first to bring European-style indoor/outdoor kart and ATV racing to the New York market, creating an exciting venue for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

Project Proposal

Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park has developed a proposal for a go-kart racing and event facility on 12+ picturesque acres of Edwards Avenue in Calverton, New York. This venue will include a 21,000 square foot state-of-the-art clubhouse with restaurant and lounge, a simulator, safety training rooms, a retail shop and two outdoor, high-speed, race tracks.  

The design of the tracks allow for them to be joined in order to form a one-mile (approximately) track with multiple possible configurations. When complete, we will be racing dirt bikes, mini and super motards, quad ATVs and go-karts. In addition to the configurable high-speed track, the park will feature two covered low-speed "concession" tracks equating to a 1000 ft. multi-configurable road course.

Current Project Status

Moto 1 Long Island go-kart track FEIS is approved!

Summary of facility plans

  • Long Island’s First Premier European Style Racing Complex

  • Location: 449 Edwards Ave, Calverton, New York – exit 71 on Long Island Expressway

  • Expected Full Opening Spring - Summer 2025

  • Two high-speed professional race tracks, featuring six configurations in two directions

    • 5280 feet, 4940 feet, 4640 feet, 2800 feet, 2360 feet, 2300 feet.

  • Two covered concession tracks, featuring five configurations

    • 1,625 feet, 1,610 feet, 1,345 feet, 915 feet, and Tri-Oval 720 feet.

  • Go-kart, dirt bike and ATV rentals on site

  • On-premise storage for personally owned go-karts, dirt bikes and ATVs

  • Go-kart sales and leasing

  • Repairs, maintenance and replacement parts offered on site

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