Meet the Management Team

At present, the closest indoor/outdoor go-kart racing facilities are F1 Boston and F1 Outdoors located in Braintree and East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  F1 Boston is considered to be the premier facility of its kind in the US and rivals Michael Schumacher’s Kart Center in Germany as the premier facility in the world.  

R.J. Valentine is a principal investor and Chairman of the Board of Chairman of Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park. Valentine is also Chairman of The MBA Group and creator, owner and operator of F1 Boston.  

Marc Leibowitz, CEO Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park and principal investor, is an experienced, highly successful management consultant and sales executive with more than 25 years of building companies and helping them grow into large successful businesses.

Local management of Moto 1 Long Island will be working closely with the F1 Boston and F1 Outdoors management teams to successfully transition Moto 1 Long Island from a private club to a commercial public operation.  With significant commercial and management experience, this combined team will work to develop, promote, and manage the Moto 1 Long Island  Motorsports Park with the goal of creating the most successful venue of its kind in the world.

Phase 1

Current Status: Complete

After ten years as a private club, we own the property and have obtained the necessary permits to build a world-class participatory motorsports complex.  Construction is projected to occur in two phases over the next 24 months, and we are now seeking new investors.

Phase 2

Once we’ve obtained enough capital from investors, construction will commence.  To recap, Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park will feature:

  • Two challenging and exciting multi-elevation, multi-use, outdoor race tracks to provide a thrilling, yet safe and well controlled, experience for both first time and more advanced drivers alike.
  • Indoor “concession/school track” to provide juniors and beginners an entry-level experience to build upon.
  • An exciting ATV track provides thrills for those who want an "off-road" experience.
  • Modern conference facilities including safety briefing rooms, a 20,000 ft2 mezzanine overlooking the indoor track, full catering and other services typical of corporate conference facilities.
  • A restaurant, complete with an intimate VIP dining area for private parties.
  • A motorsports-themed lounge, featuring food and beverage facilities including a café and bar.
  • A driving simulator room that our guests can use to prep for race sessions.
  • A retail store offering clothing, race-related gear, go-karts, ATV's, parts, gifts and trophies.

What We Need & What You Get


We are seeking investment capital in the amount of $8,000,000 to add to our initial investment, which was used to acquire the land and obtain permits to build the facility. Investments will be used  to complete construction and purchase facility equipment. Possible funding sources include crowdfunding, private investments and funding from existing operations to complete this project.

Membership Benefits Overview

The Moto 1 Long Island  Sports Facility would provide the first European style racing accommodations on Long Island, and the first go-kart/ATV tracks in the world designed within natural, rolling topography.  This facility would become a premier destination for novice drivers and experienced track racers.

Whether for a corporate event or a local weekend customer, anyone planning on racing at the M1 facility would be provided with:

  • flame-proof suit, helmet, neck brace, and gloves
  • driver briefing
  • a concession track session to obtain to an M1 competition license
  • race sessions against other drivers, preceded by a practice session before the race begins


Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park will feature the finest Italian and German karts, engineered for racing and maintained by our in-house staff of kart pros. For Arrive & Drive Karting, you will take on the power of a race-engineered Rimo kart. It has all the acceleration to excite every one of your senses—and enough challenge to keep you coming back to race again and again.

Boys & girls in the  Junior Racing Academy will be provided with karts appropriate to their age, size, and level of experience & ability. 70cc Junior Karts are for kids 10–12, depending on size & ability. 50cc Cadet Karts are designed for kids 7–10. 

Safety equipment will be provided. All Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park drivers will be outfitted with a 2-layer professional racing suit, neck brace, balaclava and Snell-approved full-face racing helmet.

Competition racing equipment will be available for purchase.

M1 Program

The M1 program would include open session driving, training, camps, leagues, and memberships.  Specifically, these programs would feature the following components:

  • Arrive and drive: Visitors would rent karts or ATVs (Dirt Bikes, Quads) or bring their own to race. Reservations would be accepted, and encouraged, similar to a public golf course.
  • Hourly or daily track rentals: Larger groups of visitors, including corporations and residents, would rent one or more tracks for their exclusive use. The track rentals could include various forms of racing depending on the group size. These races would range from 0.5 to 3 hour endurance races, a mini-grand prix, or open session racing.
  • Driving School/training: Adult clinics would be provided for those interested in learning the basics, and for drivers who want to improve their technique and time. In addition, group and private training lessons would be provided.
  • The Junior Racing Academy: Children between the ages of 7 and 17 would be given extensive training in kart/ATV racing, where graduates would become eligible to participate in the Junior League Racing Series and/or the advanced Junior Racing School.
  • Camps: Daily training for children during the summer months.
  • Leagues: Individuals or small groups would join an existing league or start their own league for regular competitive racing. Interested parties could include companies, clubs and associations. Leagues would be formed for both adults and children.
  • The Kart/ATV Club: Patrons who own their own Karts or ATVs would purchase a membership to the facility that would afford them such privileges as storage for their karts; access to locker rooms with showers and VIP areas of the clubhouse, including private dining and meeting rooms; and ultimately, unlimited driving time.

Economic Benefits

The construction and development of the proposed participatory entertainment facility would result in the investment of significant private capital into the local and regional economy. The proposed go-kart/ATV facility would result in improved use of the project site, which would increase diversity and stimulate growth in the local economy. The go-kart/ATV facility would attract incremental business from the outside community in addition to local residents, including a premier corporate customer base.


In addition to benefiting the local economy, the proposed go-kart/ATV facility could potentially enhance quality of life in the local community. The facility would serve as a clean, upscale meeting, entertainment, and recreational facility. It would create a unique opportunity to instill in youth the value to  teamwork, responsibility, focus, and judgment skills gained from motor sports.  The M1 Long Island Sports Facility would also be an ideal venue for fundraising and other charitable events.

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