Why should you support Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park expansion project?

A moto club membership is a declaration of driving independence and a commitment to optimizing every aspect of one’s ATV, kart or dirt bike ownership and driving experience.  More than that, the proposed Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park project in Calverton will provide significant and positive impact to local communities, such as the Riverhead, Suffolk County, and Long Island.

Local Economy

Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park's Go-Kart venue will have a positive economic impact and complement the already active tourist industry on the east end of Long Island. Visitors to the proposed facility will dine at local restaurants, utilize local lodging, shop at local retail locations, visit beaches, visit local wineries and patronize other local entertainment facilities.

In addition to providing a unique tourist and business travel destination for individual, families, corporate executives and racing enthusiasts, venues like Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park help to attract and keep talented people here on Long Island.



During the development and building stages of the project, many good paying construction jobs will be created.The proposed facility is projected to employ 110 - 120 employees (50 full-time) with additional part-time, seasonal and event staff.


Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park will also allow racing enthusiasts and local residents to utilize a safe, local establishment instead of traveling to similar facilities in different parts of the country or in Europe.


The local environment, wildlife and local residents will not be negatively impacted by the operation of this facility.  In actuality, this project will turn a property that has become a dumping site for construction debris and an "eyesore", into a modern and clean facility.


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