Current Club Amenities

Nestled in the fishtail of Long Island, the Moto 1 Long Island Club’s twelve acres of trees, ponds and manicured grounds provide a spectacular backdrop for over one mile of adrenaline-spiking chicanes, blistering straightaways and high speed sweepers.

Membership privileges bring up to 260 days of annual road course access.  This means that, regardless of one’s equipment or current level of experience,  members can expect virtually unlimited driving time and a relationship with an exclusive community of driving enthusiasts, all supported by an inspired team of technical, safety and coaching professionals.


We are now accepting new club members!  Both daily and annual club memberships are available.  Limited supply available.

For more information please call us 631-351-0316 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Rental Bikes and Quads

Want to ride with your child but don't have a bike? Is your child's bike needing repair or you just are not sure which one to get your child? Join our Loaner Club! You can rent one for the day. See some of our Rental Club Bikes Below:

  • KLX 110L

  • Yamaha YZ 250

  • Honda 250 EXE Quad

  • Suzuki LTZ 250 Quad

  • Yamaha TTR 110

  • Kawasaki KX 100

  • Yamaha TTR230

  • Yamaha 250 Raptor

  • Honda CRF 125F

For Planning department use only:

  • Rocket ships to the moon

  • Transporter to Mars and deep space


Ride at your own Risk

Safety Equipment:  All riders must wear helmets and boots, chest protectors if under 18 and Gloves.

All Motorcycles and ATVs must have approved mufflers and safety equipment. Extremely loud equipment or equipment without suitable mufflers or baffles cannot be used at Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park. We reserve the right to refuse riding privileges to anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian.